Pholourie $4.50
Pholourie, is a snack food commonly eaten in Trinidad and Tobago and also known in Guyana and Suriname. It consists of fried, spiced dough balls and served with tamarind sauce.

Doubles $3.50
Doubles are made with two baras (flat fried dough) and filled with curry channa (chickpeas) and various spices.

Chow (Mango or Pineapple) $4.50
Chow is a sweet, tangy, and spicy snack from Trinidad and Tobago. We use either slice mangos or pineapples with our own blend of spices to create a delicious healthy snack.


Veggie:$13|Curry or Stew Chicken:$16.50|Curry Goat $22|Curry Shrimp $24|Gerra Pork or Chicken: $20|Oxtail $24
Roti, is one of the most popular food in the Caribbean, and consists of curried or stewed meat and or vegetables folded tightly within a dhalpuri or paratha (flat fried dough) roti. The items placed inside of a wrapped roti are commonly called tarkari in Trinidad and Tobago
(Any additional Veg $1.50)


Corn: SM: $7, LG: $13| Pig tails: SM: $8, LG: $15|Cowheel: SM: $7, LG: $14
If you love Caribbean food, Trini soup is what you need in your life! It's filling, delicious and made from scratch. What more could you ask for.

Stew Meals

Stew meals includes rice & peas or white rice, one veggie side, and plantains

Chicken: LG: $15| King Fish: SM: $18, LG: $22, XLG: $24.00| Oxtail: SM: $18, LG: $24

Curry Meals

Curry meals includes white rice or beans and rice, plantains, veggies (cabbage), Bussupshut, channa (chickpeas)

Chicken: LG: $14| Gerra Pork or Chicken: SM: $18, LG: $20| Goat or Shrimp: SM: $18, LG: $22

Extra Sides

Chicken $10 all other meats SM:$12 LG:$25
Veggies $5 small $10 Large

Lunch Specials

Stew or Curry Chicken $9
(Lunch Special $9. Until 2:30 PM)


Fruit Punch $8.00
Peanut Punch $7.00
Mauby $5.00
Sorrel $5.00

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